Academic Year 2001/2002: BioMEMS at Play






Spring 2002 group photo containing members of Dr. Chong Ahn's lab and Dr. Ian Papautsky's lab.






A close up of Dr. Young-Soo Sohn, former member of Dr. Ahn's lab.





An early scene of the picnic before most of the participants have arrived.






An invited graduate student and Ramachandran Trichur, member of Dr. Ahn's lab.





The picnic, still in its early stages, before everyone sat down to eat the food brought by many of the attendees.






A close up of Chuan Gao, a member of Dr. Ahn's lab.







The period of time when the food is identified along with its maker.





A few guys from the group hitting a volleyball around before many of the participants started playing volleyball at the net next to the shelter.






The table where all the food brought to the event was placed.




 The volleyball game that many of the people who attended the picnic participated in, which developed after everyone had ate.





Some of the good food that was brought to the picnic by attendees for everyone's consumption.






Another scene from the pre-volleyball game shown above. Here Aniruddha Puntambekar from Dr. Ahn's group is shown after hitting the ball.





The rest of the food which was brought to the picnic by many of the participants.







Volleyball seemed to be the most popular sport to play during this particular picnic.





Many of the children of the invited participants were engaged in enjoyable activities as well.







The volleyball went out of bounds in this photo of the game.










Dr. Jin-Woo Choi while he watches the volleyball game in progress.





The ball just before it is to be lobbed over the net at the opposing team.







A serene photo of the family of one of the group members as they walk to some unknown destination on the field.





The ball is being served to the other side of the net by this group member.





A photo of the children of group members as they watch the volleyball game.









Yet another photo of group members playing volleyball. The ball approaches a student in this photo with unknown results.





Robert Cole, a member of Dr. Ahn's group, as he carried the youngest of his two sons.






A close up of two BioMEMS group members as they played volleyball with the other players on the sand court.




A few other people who attended the picnic threw a Frisbee around while the volleyball game was in progress.





The ball approaches the team on the other side of the net as the opposing team is left wondering if they will score a point or the ball will be returned.











Here we see a group member and his wife while they watch the other participants involved in various sports activities.




After the volleyball game everyone who had played sat down and drank some water to relax.











A close up of a group member and his son while sitting for one of the group photos of all the people who attended the picnic.




Dr. Ian Papautsky's as he talks to the group members around him.





Robert Cole's youngest son as he kicks around a soccer ball.






Chien-Chong Hong posing for a photo with Ramachandran Trichur, both are members of Dr. Ahn's lab.





The son of a group member in attendance throwing a Frisbee around.






Yet another  photo of the pre-volleyball game that occurred before the game at the net started.