Academic Year 2002/2003: BioMEMS at Play






       Spring 2003 BioMEMS group photo.




Dr. Ahn spends time at the beginning of the BioMEMS event to identify the people who made the particular food items present, as he dose during each gathering.






The homemade food brought by group members and invited participants.




Here we see the most popular activity for group members to engage in while at the BioMEMS picnic.





A closer look at some of the delicious homemade food brought by those who attended.





Another photo of group members playing soccer.





A few of the group members' children who attended the picnic.





Two group members grilling Korean style barbequed beef and brats. 





Some family of group members who participated in the event.





Photo of group members playing more soccer.





The children are acting a little playful in this scene.