Academic Year 2004/2005: BioMEMS at Play





Fall 2004 group photo containing many members from Dr. Chong Ahn's lab and Dr. Ian Papautsky's lab.








Invited participants digging into many of the great homemade dishes brought to the picnic.






One end of the picnic tables where many group members ate and held conversations with one another.





Yet another photo of invited members searching the table for choice pieces of food from the abundant supply of food that was present.




The other end of the aligned picnic tables pictured above where many group members sat.




The children who played and wondered around the picnic ground, as well as the adjoining field, during the event.




A close up of the picnic table featuring Dr. Ahn and several invited participants.






A friendly soccer game which developed after everyone had ate. Here Jaephil Do has the ball.




A close up of the picnic table featuring Dr. Papautsky and several graduate students.








Se Hwan Lee, from Dr. Ahn's group, has gained control of the ball in this scene.





More group members enjoying themselves at the picnic.





Battle for control of the ball was not only waged out on the field adjoining the picnic grounds, but close to the picnic grounds as well.





A close up of more group members at the long set of picnic tables.






A photo of all of the professors that attended  the picnic.




Frank Sauser attempts to halt the advance of Matthew Estes.





Another photo of the group playing soccer. Zhiwei Zou has the ball.





Here Frank has the ball and is driving toward the goal.





The battle continues.