Chong H. Ahn, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Research Professor
  • M.P. Kartalia Chair Professor of BioMEMS
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  •   College of Engineering and Applied Science
      University of Cincinnati
  • Director
      MicroSystems and BioMEMS Lab
      Center for BioMEMS and Nanobiosciences
      Department of Biomedical Engineering
      University of Cincinnati
      Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030
  • Contact:
  •   Tel: (513) 556-4767
      Fax: (513) 556-7326
  • Inha University, S. Korea Electrical Engineering B.S., 1980
  • Seoul National University, S. Korea Electrical Engineering M.S., 1983
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, GA Electrical and Computer Eng. Ph.D., 1993
Professional Experience
  • April 2019 – Present:
    Distinguished University Research Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • May 2016 – Present:
    Director, Engineering Research Center (ERC) Clean Room, and Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI) at UC.
  • May 2010 – Present:
    Michell P. Kartalia Chair and Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
  • Dec. 2004 – Present:
    Director, Center for BioMEMS and Nanobiosystems, University of Cincinnati
  • Nov. 2002 – Present:
    Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering (Secondary), University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sept. 2001 – Present:
    Professor, Director, Microsystems and BioMEMS Lab Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Sept. 1998 – Aug. 2001:
    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science.  University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Oct. 1994 – Aug. 1998:
    Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Center for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS (CMSM), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science.  University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • June 1993 – Oct. 1994:
    Post Doctoral Associate (Advisor: Dr. Luby Romankiw, IBM Fellow), Center for Electrochemical Technology and Microfabrication (CETAM), IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York/ Post Doctoral Associate (Advisor: Prof. Mark G. Allen), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.
Editor or Editorial Board
  • Editor (2006 – Present)
    • IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Editorial Board (2003 – Present)
    • Nano/Micro Small
    • Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering (JMM)
    • Journal of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
  • Associate Editor (2003 – 2005)
    • IEEE Sensors Journal
Awards and Honors
  • Distinguished University Research Professor, University of Cincinnati (2019)
  • Research Award, College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), University of Cincinnati (2018)
  • Fellow, The Graduate School, University of Cincinnati (2018 – )
  • Distinguished Research Faculty Award, CEAS, University of Cincinnati (2017)
  • Established Entrepreneur Faculty Achievement Award of UC (2011)
  • The Best Journal Paper Award of The IEEE Sensors Journal (2009)
  • Emerging Entrepreneur Faculty Achievement Award of UC (2008)
  • Appointed and honored as "Distinguished Engineering Researcher", College of Engineeing, University of Cincinnati (2006)
  • Fellow, The Institute of Physics (2004)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, NASA, Glennan Microsystems Initiative Technical Team, UC (2004)
  • Scientific Leadership Award, 4th Annual BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology WORLD (2003)
  • 1st Tutorial Lecturer for Magnetic MEMS, IEEE Magnetic Society, INTERMAG (2001)
  • Honor Roll Professor, College of Engineering Tribunal, University of Cincinnati (2000).
  • 2nd Best Paper Award (out of 400 conference papers) from 13th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers, The Hageue, The Netherlands (1999).
  • Research Award, College of Engineering (CoE), University of Cincinnati (1998).
  • Middendorf Research Excellent Award' 98, Department of ECECS, University of Cincinnati (1998).
Research Interests
    Development and characterization of magnetic MEMS and BioMEMS, which includes magnetic sensors, magnetic biofilters, biochemical detection cell, microfluidic devices, disposable smart plastic lab-on-a-chips, protein chips, and point-of-care testing systems, with relevant biochemical transduction mechanisms.
Patent Applications
  • A. Puntambekar, J. Kai, S. lee and Chong H. Ahn, ¡°Microfluidic Assay Platforms,¡± U.S. Patent 9919311 B2, issued March 30, 2018.
  • A. Puntambekar, J. Kai, S. lee and Chong H. Ahn, ¡°Microfluidic Analytical Platform¡±, Japan Patent 5663574B2, issued February 04, 2015.
  • Chong H. Ahn, Raj Narayan, and Chunyan Li, “Flexible Spirally-Rolled Polymer Tube for Monitoring and Treatment of Brain Injuries”, US Patent 8628493, issued January 14, 2014; U.S.
  • Kang, K.A. and C.H. Ahn, “Fiber-Optic Biosensor and Biosensing Methods”, U.S. Patent 8,563,328, issued October 22, 2013.
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  • C. H. Ahn, et. al., ¡°On-chip Sample Preparation for Whole Blood Analysis¡± US patent 7476326, issued April, 2009.
  • C. H. Ahn, D. J. Sadler, W. Zhang, "Electromagnetically Driven Microactuated Device and Method of Making The Same," U.S. Patent, 6116863, Issued 9/12/2000.
  • Chong H. Ahn and Mark Allen, "A Fully Integrated Magnetic Micromotor and Methods for Their Fabrication," U.S. Patent # 5710466, Issued by 01/20/1998.
  • Chong H. Ahn and Mark Allen, "A Fully Integrated Micromachined Magnetic Particle Manipulator and Separator," U.S. Patent # 5655665, Issued by 8/12/1997.
  • 9 US patent pending.
Publications (Selective Recent Publications)
  • S. Ghosh, G.K.Kurup, A.P.Lee and C.H.Ahn , ¡°A mass manufacturable thermoplastic based microfluidic droplet generator on Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)¡± Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 29,2019,055009
  • Ghosh, Sthitodhi and Chong H. Ahn. "Lyophilization of chemiluminescent substrate reagents for high-sensitive microchannel-based lateral flow assay (MLFA) in point-of-care (POC) diagnostic system." Analyst 144.6 (2019): 2109-2119.
  • Dat Thinh Ha, Sthitodhi Ghosh, Chong H. Ahn, David J. Segal and Moon-Soo Kim, "Pathogen-specific DNA sensing with engineered Zinc finger proteins immobilized on a polymer Chip," Analyst, 2018, 143, 4009?4016.
  • Sthitodhi Ghosh, Kevin Margatan, Chong H. Ahn, Je-Hyeong Bahk, ¡°Radiant heat recovery by thermoelectric generators: A theoretical case-study on hot steel casting,¡± Energy Conversion and Management, 175 (2018) 327?336.
  • Joon S. Shim, Jia Geng, Chong H. Ahn and Peixuan Guo, "Formation of lipid byelayers inside microfluidic channel array for monitoring membrane-embedded nanoporesof phi29DNA packaging nanomotor",  Biomedical Microdevices: Volume 14, Issue 5 (2012), Page 921-928
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Synergistic Activities
  • Editor, IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), 2006-Present.
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2003-Present.
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Journal Small, 2004 –2009.
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering  (JMM), 1999 – Present.
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2002 - 2004.
  • Guest Editor, Journal of Biomedical Microdevices, Special Issue on "Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip," Vol. 3, 2001.
  • Organizer, ASME MEMS Workshop, "Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip Workshop," 2002, 2003.
  • Co-Chairperson, Knowledge Foundations, "BioMEMS Workshop," 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Technical Program Committee, IEEE International MEMS Conference, 2001, 2003.
  • Technical Program Committee, Transducers Conference, 2005, 2007, 2009
  • Program Committee, IEEE Nano Conference, 2006
Collaborators Other Than Those Being Cited
  • Michael G. Bissell, Jae Lee (OSU), J.B. Lee (UT Dallas), Joe. Nevin, Gregory. Beaucage, Bill Heineman, Brian Halsall, Pat Limbark, Carl Seliskar, Ian Papautsky (UC), Ken Wehmeyer (P&G), S. Krishnamoorthy (CFD-RC), Ken Kozack (Meridian Biosciences), Brian Gibler (MD, UC), Edward Jauch (MD, UC), Joseph Clark (UC), Thimothy Cripe (MD, CCHMC), Richard Azizkhan (MD, CCHMC), Sung W. Kim (Harvard Univ.)
Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Students
  • >Post-Doctoral Fellows:
    Dr. Shekhar Bhansali (1998-2000), Dr. S. M. Lee (1999-2000), Dr. Jin-Woo Choi (2001-2002), Dr. Sanghyo Kim (2001-2002), and Dr. Young-Soo Sohn (2001-2002)
  • Ph. D. STUDENTS:
    Trifon M. Liakopolous (1995-2000), Daniel J. Sadler (1996-2001), Jin Woo Choi (1996-2001), Kwang Wook Oh (1996-2001), Hyoung Jin Cho (1997-2002), Aniruddha Puntambekar (1998-2003), Chien-Chong Hong (1998-2004),  Xiaoshan Zhu (2000-2005), Chuan Gao (2000-2005), Jungyoup Han (2001-2006), Junhai Kai (2001-2006), Japhil Do (2001-2006), Sehwan Lee (2001-), Clayton Sippola (2001-2006), Rong Rong (2000-2007), Sehwan Lee (2001-2007), Mike Rust (2003-2009), Peming Wu (2003-2009), Zhuzwei Zho (2003-2009),  Matt Estes (2004 -2009), Andrew Browun (2005-2009),Junseop Shim (2005-2010), Wooseok Jung (2008-2013), Kangkuk Lee (2009-2014), Zhizhen Wu (2010-2017).
    Wenjin Zhang (1994-1996), Ming Xu (1995-1998), Kurt Kramer (1996-1999), Jeffrey Cropp (1996-1999), Arum Han (1997-2000), Srinivasan Iyengar (1997-1999), Shomir Banejee (1999-2002), Ramachandran Trichur (2000-2001), Sreeram Appasamy (2000-2002), Jaephil Do (2001-2003), Se Hwan Lee (2001-2003), Chunyan Li (2001-2003), Phalgun Mynemi (2002-2005), Alok Jani (2002-2005), Ashwin Kumar Samarao (2004-2006), Nathaniel Hadlock (2004-2006), Eric MacKnight (2006-2008), Bharat Ram Ramaswamy (2010-2012), Youngkun Sui (2015), Nirjhar Bhattacharya (2015), Kashish Aggarwal (2018)
  • Ph.D. Advisor:  Mark G. Allen, Ph.D., Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
  • Post-Doc Supervisor:  Luby Romankiw, Ph. D, IBM Fellow, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY