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  • C. H. Ahn and K. W. Oh, "Innovative Flip-Chip Bonding Technique Using Micromachined Conductive Polymer Bumps", confidential invention disclosure, May, 1998.
  • C. H. Ahn and T. M. Liakopoulos, "On-chip Micro Fluxgate Sensor Using Micromachined 3-Dimensional Planar Coils", confidential invention disclosure, UC, May, 1998.
  • C. H. Ahn, D. J. Sadler, W. Zhang, Electromagnetically Driven Microactuated Device and Method of Making The Same, U.S. Patent, Issued on June 20, 1997. University of Cincinnati, UOC-127, pending.
  • Chong H. Ahn and Mark Allen, "A Fully Integrated Micromachined Magnetic Particle Manipulator and Separator", U.S. Patent # 5655665, Issued by 8/12/1997.
  • Chong H. Ahn and Mark Allen, "A Fully Integrated Magnetic Micromotor and Methods for Their Fabrication", U.S. Patent # 5710466, Issued by 01/20/1998.

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